Safety Notice (RV-NB10)

Notices to Customers

Routine quality control

Our routine Quality Control checks have revealed a potential issue with the shoulder straps supplied with the JVC RV-NB10 CD Portable System. There is a very small possibility that the strap may become detached from the unit during use. As a precaution, we have decided to replace the Shoulder Straps on all affected units. This only affects certain units manufactured from February 2006 to April 2006. These units can be identified from their serial numbers as follows :

  • 071X0001 to 2900
  • 071X3401 to 3900
  • 071X8901 to 0000
  • 071V0001 to 6500
  • 081X0001 to 1400
  • 081X4501 to 4900
  • 081X6001 to 0000
  • 081V0001 to 1100

Even if your unit is included in the serial number list, it may have already been checked. To see if your unit is OK, please see the following photographs. If your unit has a green or orange dot where indicated on the carton or if it has a green dot or an S on a square label where indicated on the strap, it has already been checked and you do not need to do anything.

The green dot indicated on the carton The green dot indicated on the strap The

If your unit is within the serial number ranges above and it does not have the marks shown in the photographs above, please contact We will send you a new shoulder strap which includes 2 strap-mounted cases.